Tuesday, 09 September 2014 

Borrow Brooke Mueller From Wisdom Certain

Brooke Mueller Arguing that obama has somehow broken some campaign promise is laughable on its face. and to borrow from the wisdom of a certain tv detective of the early 70s, if you can t do the time, don t do the crime. also, it takes two to have an impasse. Orphan wrote diana how do you get from perry saying ss is like a ponzi scheme to destroying ss so that we can have old people living inpoverty. you ought to know Brooke Mueller that much at least.


Sunday, 31 August 2014 

8ball Alex Pettyfer Betting Would

Alex Pettyfer Nope, they went with dynamic outfielder byron buxton. 8ball, if i was a betting man i would say no one. though i do wholeheartedly agree with them. Stargell with the hat storys Alex Pettyfer aside. this isthe type of information you can find most anywhere and very easily.


Tuesday, 26 August 2014 

Says Needs NeNe Leakes Lots Back

NeNe Leakes All went well until they came knocking at the door threatening legal action at which point my dear wife panicked and paid up, much to my great annoyance (she loves eastenders and all that crap) and insists we do not break the law. Eon says we needs lots of gas back up. all those liberals in the south, you know. how are we when it comes to being rebuked does rebuke cause us to grow, or are we angry at the person who rebuked us when our fellow believers rebuke us, it should be encouraging because we know that they love us enough that they want to see us grow. it is so awesome that can take someone who is completely against the church and killing members of the church and bring make him an NeNe Leakes on fire christian.


Monday, 11 August 2014 

Check Rick Malambri Everywhere

Rick Malambri And it damn well better last forever as i will never be able to buy a new vehicle. check it out and get it out -everywhere. now, they just look like dirty punk rockers. the brains of all humans are just as vulnerable. but still we ask why but the real reason is the following, given the core utilitarian value of adhering to the islamic text, as in most religions, is the oppressive subservience of women to muslim Rick Malambri mens demands.


Monday, 04 August 2014 

Wish This Couple Well Their Rick Springfield Wholly

Rick Springfield They kept bringing back people from the past they had their chance. i wish this couple well in their wholly predictable misfortune, but Rick Springfield strongly suspect that the actual effect will be a demonstration of the utter corruption and political naivety of our judiciary. i m willing to bet that if this doesn t work out in 3 years, you ll deny you ever asked for this, and if it does, you ll be claiming credit. the pts started as a desirable basic training and has now mutated into a scam by which a worker is bound to an agency which may or may not provide him with work, and may charge him several times the value of the qualification - as a fixed deduction percentage - if he is in regular work. Mugabe cares about investors really.


Thursday, 31 July 2014 

Trond Happy Year Always Amy Poehler Glad

Amy Poehler Pretend that true for a half a second. Hey trond, happy new year to you always glad to be in touch with you ) we re not planning a new release at the moment, but we are certain the coquette series will continue. if parents have turned away from , embraced selfishness and materialism Amy Poehler and let the world raise their children, i am affected. shout out, she turned 7 yesterday can you tell i am in love ) also, the oxon awesome. send him to therapy the insecure man prophecies will prevail.


Friday, 25 July 2014 

Nobody Stopping From Yvonne De Carlo Sleeping Trying

Yvonne De Carlo Oi guess it would really take release of the content for serious pushback. nobody is stopping you from sleeping in or trying to earn as much as a hockey player. considering the fact that libyans and nato have destroyed large parts of your own infastructure and i doubt there is a single family in the country that is not know mourning dead family members. scalia and thomas should be booted for their political activities and their schmoozing with the koch bros. Stfu, hogan, if you loved him Yvonne De Carlo so much you would have been able to keep him.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014 

Other Dmitry Medvedev Than That Some Railway Tracks

Dmitry Medvedev I d buy it just because it a collector item just on principle, if it was reprinted, but i m not totally missing out - it the same game. other than that, go lay on some railway tracks. anyways, it took me 3 months to finally get my hands on one for him. if you havent seen actions from demint, you ve had Dmitry Medvedev your eyes closed. Jim publicly apologized for that instance months ago, and has learned a lot from it.


Monday, 07 July 2014 

Mint Dress Summer Glau Other Lavender

Summer Glau Romney campaign, on the other hand, seemed to falter when it came to old fashioned campaign fundraising, coming up with just 9 million and Summer Glau only . The mint dress is and the other lavender dress is , absolutely a great bargain. not only do we help customers with their questions, we also collect statistics about their comments and send these on to the relevant departments. yes, he will be good with attacking crosses and holding up the play, but he will offer little else. today, religious must desire to possess nothing, in order to attain to the possession of all.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014 

Mean Lookingfull Cee Lo Green Grown

Cee Lo Green Which any random asshole on the internet can do, btw. he was a big Cee Lo Green mean lookingfull grown man. what the eunhyuk rap in mr. is the start or the end of the 26,000 yr. Furthermore, if obama called it an act of terrorism in the rose garden the next day why wasn t susan rice saying that on the 5 talk shows that sunday in fact, she was saying the exact opposite.


Wednesday, 11 June 2014 

Before Kylie Minogue Very Secure

Kylie Minogue Abby grew up in cleveland, and his parents still live there. and before you ask, my job is very secure and necessary to society, so i can stand on my own feet but to answer your original point 1-buffet i quote, who related tax on investments to his cleaner taxes 2-here in the uk, despite coalition promises, capital gains tax remains far lower than income tax on actual work so cleaners i. learn total awareness of your blood Kylie Minogue circulation. ganon ang mensahe ng bibliya kaya nagka bwesit ang pinas sukad pa. why don t they use him in a commercial how come they don t mention that hubbard had the secrets to controlling the aging process he simply elected to not use it on himself, because he had more important research to do.


Tuesday, 03 June 2014 

Everywhere Else Sam Worthington Romney Even Ahead

Sam Worthington The reviews that i have heard on the promotions. everywhere else, romney is even or ahead. you probably disrespect yourself to Sam Worthington the point that you are not capable of having that characteristic. My n7 has had the auto-brightness bug since i received it. In harry turtledove ,s (second) series where the c.


Friday, 28 February 2014 

Everything Adrian Grenier With

Isps are required by law to terminate repeat infringers (seeders). and, yes, it has everything to do with totalitarian governments as it was one Adrian Grenier of the credos of stalinism whether you re aware of it or (apparently) not. One metric is to reduce the number of competing retailers in the area, another metric is the of skew items (part s) where prices increased as well as unit sales, then of course they have that overall metric of the same store sales figure. technology can enable some incredibly creative abilities to make customers as happy for the long-term as possible. A more expensive military that is already larger than the rest of the world in total and along with tax cuts for the rich, is leaving us with a pile of government debt.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014 

These Called Megan Mullally Jews Today From Place

No como la mayor a de quienes componen la poblaci n de mapuches actuales. These so called jews of today are from a place in eastern europe Megan Mullally called khazaria. Hey inmo, please confirm or correct me. See my contribution been deleted yet again. the good news is, we finally found a republican with integrity bless you melinda go on girl obama biden 2012.


Sunday, 02 February 2014 

Gumhoo Social Shopping List Haley Reinhart Service

Haley Reinhart Coco gotta be the odd man out there. Gumhoo), a social shopping list service. please feel free to check out the website www. in scripted, we often receive requests Haley Reinhart from book editors from developing countries asking for reprint permission of articles (which are released under nc licence as i have mentioned). only blame white people for your problems.


Monday, 30 December 2013 

While Doing This Keep Mind Karina Smirnoff That This

Karina Smirnoff As a filmaker she also has demostrated her talent to present subject on a scale that has more impact on the human spiritthan any current films produced today. while doing this keep in mind that this is the bill of rights of the people. Up to week 5 with this program, down 4 cm on hips, and 1. Not true canada has agreed to pay for the entire project including all capital cost overruns and even the road infrastructure approaching the new bridge from the Karina Smirnoff michigan side. professional magicians use diversion all the time.


Thursday, 28 November 2013 

What Rock Were Born Jennifer Lopez Under Tyler

Jennifer Lopez Luckily another planet about 35 million Jennifer Lopez miles away was deemed a possible refuge for a few, and those colonists swore to live in harmony with their new vaguely familiar surroundings and to never make the same mistakes again, but -due to a ridiculous number of really stupid and completely devastating social upheavals (again ultimately facilitated by the teabag personality type)- all records were lost or destroyed. what rock were you born under tyler the compassionate asshole -i would definitely have to see proof of that. look honey, we got one dollar back, lets vote for o dum bo. i was concerned at how i could possibly explain that to people had i been injured - boy, would they laugh at me in the pub. he had some poor games last season, but even then he d put in the odd shift like this one that suggests he still a great player.


Saturday, 23 November 2013 

Those Baseball Circles Haley Barbour Huge Forget

Haley Barbour So to be consistent, you have to claim that romney is still responsible for every single thing bain does. those baseball circles are huge, forget how big a green space the commons really is, nice though., ,. Lmfao, max isn t a wizard wow ok. Haley Barbour when someone says you re beautiful, why do you need to tell them it not useful it helps some people.


Friday, 04 October 2013 

Think Melissa Leo Hedge Fund Managers Have Special Place

Melissa Leo I have always wanted Melissa Leo to say you know. I think hedge fund managers have a special place in. but again, not everyone can leave. woods deceased seriously creepy commercial. most of the money spent will only be moving money around on paper.


Monday, 30 September 2013 

Short Chris Tucker Amazon Customer Person Shops

Chris Tucker Reading tos,dr is in no way a replacement for reading the full terms to which you are bound. in short, amazon customer is the person who shops at amazon, while content creators are business entities. a recent online newspaper article that praised zimbabwe new successful black farmers (all of them are shona) failed to mention that the majority of those farms were former white owned farms that were purchased legally from mugabe after 1980. but to do Chris Tucker this, you need to install use any of the below listed app(s) 1-youtube 2-boxee 3-showyou 4-ted 5-eyewitness 6- rdio 7- mog, and more. you can summarize rom-ry new american dream slogan as take from the poor and give to the rich, it the new american dream just say it 50 times real fast, and you start tobelieveit.


Sunday, 22 September 2013 

Would Chris Young Vous Chatons Amers

Chris Young Theresa guerrero should be president Chris Young of lcr. it would be et vous, nos chatons amers. while nasrin sotoudeh is the darling of human rights groups, and receives copious coverage on this site, stewart ,s case is treated as the enforcement of the law. b) i can t do anything about that, i get all now playing information from the site and if you visit that in your browser you will see that the information isn t filled in for that channel properly and i m not affiliated with sirius to fix it. I don t know if i m fully confident enough, yet, so maybe that symbolic, too.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013 

Always Been Grilled Cheese Michal Neuvirth Purist

Michal Neuvirth They proved to Michal Neuvirth the world that they can carry this name alone, without putting it down. Jen i ,ve always been a grilled cheese purist, i. this is a known limitation of our system. We re poverty my streaming equipment died and the replacement hasn t arrived yet. a lot of time for martin to make it home.


Saturday, 07 September 2013 

Those Leftists Melinda Gates Like Editor Kall Very

Melinda Gates Snake not a bada because he stronger than everyone else. those leftists like editor rob kall are very intolerant and bigoted. some of obama advisors have advocated forced birth control, limited families, postpartum abortion, involuntary abortion and sterilization, euthanasia of the sick and old, forced reduction of the population, forcing people out of the suburbs and rural areas into cities, and driving insurance companies out of business in order Melinda Gates to establish socialized medicine as part of a socialist welfare nanny state. Ewr iad is not a legitimate open jaw. yet they do not know how to forgive, no compassion or mercy towards children they also preach and teach to obey the law, yet they do not obey a court order these holy cows are ready to fly to the heavens they will never see the gates of heaven.


Monday, 02 September 2013 

What Makes Think Brian Setzer That They Aren Also

Brian Setzer 50-50. what makes you think that they aren ,t i also note that you are a contributor to the caledonian mercury, a publication with links to people with whom normal people would rather not associate. @jeff wellsthe democrats lost the house because of global Brian Setzer warming climate change which, of course was caused by bush. Fess up you were just telling respected m ,am how you mathematicians are superior to geneticists. Honey it ,s alway about them until the bill is due, someone gets hurt, or their stupid ideas dont work.


Wednesday, 28 August 2013 

Buggies Could Endure Rob Schneider Devastation That Would

Rob Schneider Certainly not old k mount, that said my pentax-a Rob Schneider 50 1. buggies could endure the devastation that would cripple digital electronics during an emp. her death or not knowing what to do about income i m sorry, but i think norman bates was more distraught about losing his mother he didn t dump her in a river. i m still not convinced of the factual nature of the book and wonder if perhaps he was not an agent provocateur. pollard, with 15 years of teaching and leading community colleges on her resume, has been the president of las positas college in livermore, calif.


Thursday, 22 August 2013 

Thug Right That Alison Pill Doesn Suit Your

Alison Pill Femmenist groups are typically, fanatical, extremist, and very left wing psychotics who are convinced that the average woman can t make up her own mind about how they want to live. So he a thug, right oh, that doesn t suit your current agenda, so he not a thug. 78th street, according to the murder charge filed tuesday. The alergy medicine was the test run, now all medicines. tax rates would have to almost double to approximate our current spending levels, and rates that high would generate a huge avoidance response by taxpayers that we do not want - we have already done too much Alison Pill harm to jobs and industry as it is.


Wednesday, 14 August 2013 

Where From People Black Paul McCartney White Both

Paul McCartney During a south american trip, reagan concluded the brazilian leg of it by saying i d like to thank president figueiredo and all the people of bolivia. where i m from, people, black and white both, were a lot poorer 60, 70 years ago. I m gainfully employed distributing cat food products for a retired officer who blogs under sdcrimefighter. interesting to see what happens. @gunker, but doesn t that just sum up this country, look at bertie, pee flynn, beverly cooper and my own personal favourite ray burke and his 103 grand a week at the expense of the taxpayer Paul McCartney having been convicted of fraud, absolutely no accountability whatsoever at the top end of the public sector in this country.


Saturday, 10 August 2013 

Their Poverty Africans Daniel Gillies Take What They

Daniel Gillies I used tesco until reading abnp pamphlet exposing the sale of unlabled as, helal meat in teso stores,which inmy opinion is barbaric. And in their poverty, the africans take what they can Daniel Gillies get. It had to do with not being able to get a job as a full time teacher and having to work 5 part time jobsfor minimum wage just to pay utilities and i will tell you the truth. as well as good coaching and effort. Rich yesssssss i agree 110% - imo it ,s a perrrrfect fit.


Sunday, 07 July 2013 

Ursula Think Vera Zvonareva Anyone Would Doubt

Vera Zvonareva Most america don t want to be there anyway. Ursula- i don Vera Zvonareva t think anyone would doubt the government a hundred years ago was smaller than it is today. so evelyn the challenge will now be to continue to heed that wisdom even when you feel really well again. too many applicants for a fked up unskilled job. buying large quantities and reselling them.


Wednesday, 03 July 2013 

Tolkien Sarah Michelle Gellar Trees Gasp

It doesn t do much for discussion when you define arguing that as, by definition, insulting you. tolkien had trees, omg gasp c. i think he knew it was a likely outcome but counted on being able to get away with it. none of which excuses instances of mere government Sarah Michelle Gellar overreach, never mind outright unconstitutional actions by elected government officials or it appointed agents. knowing you for as long as i have, i couldn ,t imagine a better place for you.


Thursday, 27 June 2013 

This Benji Madden Your Significant Technical Work

Benji Madden In stockcharts there was indeed no cross, while in prt chart the cross already happened. this is due Benji Madden to your significant technical work supported by further fundamental confirmation. whatever is happening to cause this is for greater minds than mine to figure out. u nu no ti elim i pozz svima na sc. ma.


Friday, 21 June 2013 

Another Tim Burton Issue Understand This Recurring

Until the above i let it go as the recall did not go thru. another issue don ,t understand this recurring themeconcerning trouble obtaining parts. how will we choose the members if we r not believing the members elected by people(citizens), how can we believe every few people who elects jl members. Entreaties have been made to hud washington d. i could go Tim Burton on and on, i encourage anyone interested to do their own research.


Sunday, 16 June 2013 

Turned Berkeley Clive Owen Into Berzerkley

Sikat aja tuh @littlepopsicle si mukarata. it turned berkeley into berzerkley. blame those who do these things, not an entire faith. adjust your speed, and with your menus cleaned up, switching shouldn t Clive Owen be an issue anymore ). since the club has very little but a brand name to sell, it hardly surprising any potetional owner doesn t want to pay over the odds for the club when he d still have to buy ta and er back afterwards, plus finance a capable group of players to get us back to the prem before it looks even marginally like a clever investment.


Monday, 10 June 2013 

They Have Enough Kristen Bell Make Something Themselves

Kristen Bell He strengthened social conservatism, which poisons and weakens the right because of its relative impopularity. they have enough to make something of themselves, but hand outs make them lazy. only can judge us-but we recognize the temporal power of civic leaders and i am saying that, like it or not, character matters. it just they aren t a huge step forward, the difference is negligible to a point if your eyes aren t excellent, or it is not close to your face. i spent 4 years at the dept of labor Kristen Bell while in college watching no one accomplish anything, except christmas bonuses.


Monday, 03 June 2013 

Wonder Gets Kevin Garnett Tired

Kevin Garnett As for 8, eol will be adopting a wiki. i wonder if he gets as tired as Kevin Garnett i do of the binary discourse that predominates. i have no idea if your proposal is a good one or not. to be honest i saw him as a slightly less skilled, less matrure, ganso. in any case, real madrid is no chelsea or inter, our local and continental success has been orchestrated by numerous coaches and various players over different eras.


Monday, 27 May 2013 

Hayes Before Read Rod Stewart Your Article Would Just

Rod Stewart Posted by liberal in kansas at 01 31 2011 @ 2 40pm i have great respect for mr. hayes, before i read your article, i would just like to compliment you on the fine job you are doing, and for letting us chime in with our ever so fitting observations. dreyfuss is just Rod Stewart trying to be funny. We who lol but if anything, the yotd air jordan 2012 should have a higher price point (retail) than these. dutch elm disease killed only a mere 200 million elm trees while eab threatens 7.


Thursday, 23 May 2013 

Heejun Should Careful With Eric Clapton Wiseass

Eric Clapton To be bias is to show prejudice for or against someone or something unfairly. Heejun should be careful with the wiseass, i don t think any singer needs jimmy as an enemy. mmm is a threat but doesn t appear to me to be at 100 percent. we as women really need to work on this. Well then i don ,t think it will take long for that to Eric Clapton happen.


Monday, 06 May 2013 

Having Said That Peter Jackson There Such Thing

Peter Jackson Zo blijft de hele winst voor de rijke investeerders, met hun belastingaftrek. having said that, there is such a thing Peter Jackson as justice, and there is little room for compromise when spirit moves. want to read,watch and listen your thought stream. i think he needed all that talent to make him look good. i expect to hear that he has finally gone too far even for rupert to tolerate before too much longer.


Wednesday, 01 May 2013 

Where Else Would Giovanni Ribisi Money Come From Agree That

Giovanni Ribisi Though if we have to strap a booster battery on the back then what is the use of thin again, as it will be thick. where else would the money come from i agree that our education system is in many ways horrible, Giovanni Ribisi but it as free as it can be. if you do come up with any cast-iron examples of overt racism from commenters, i bet i can find comments in the same thread from authors and other commenters who take the racist commenter to task. . extend this argument out logically.


Saturday, 20 April 2013 

Genius Might Wonder What John Wall Going

John Wall I played at a small school d1 program at ohio university. Dad is a genius she might wonder what going John Wall on when the boys don t call later on, but the dad clearly understands why. in 1992 it supported 3d fractal graphics in both red green colour separation and stereoscopic (a la magic eye) flavours. how does your stupid little card reader protect me from that buzz off, verifone. it seems the game is not compatible with the 1g ipod touch, likely due to performance issues (as it ,s the slowest iphone platform device).


Monday, 15 April 2013 

Guess What Bridget Moynahan Troll

Habe jedoch den cache in den arbeitsspeicher verlegt daemon_opts= -a 80 -t localhost 6082 -f etc varnish default. and guess what you don t, troll. Bridget Moynahan there is not enough thoughtfulness in the market-ing. when i resumed the next week, i forgot nearly everything in the story and had to start over awesome rpg and memories. the messages are crystal clear now.


Tuesday, 09 April 2013 

This Kristen Dunst Better Easy Like Blog

Kristen Dunst Joel 2 32 i love you lord bless the lord, o my soul and all that is within me, bless his holy name. this is better and easy, like the Blog. so let me explain what i mean when i say obama is a socialist. Kristen Dunst she needs to finds another thing. In a beverly hills mansion last week, president barack obama enjoyed dinner with 80 well-heeled supporters, including actors george clooney and jim belushi.


Thursday, 04 April 2013 

Peace Talks Teemu Selanne Work When People Your

Teemu Selanne Me, you, any random mets fan could have suggested most of this had we been given a tour in december 2008. peace talks won t work when the people your are talking too see talking as weakness and use it is a stalling tactic while they prepare to destroy to world. just try to imagine who president romney will put on the scotus. also, his option is not that onerous (well, a lot of money, but easily avoidable). my point with talking about 12 people was that i thought my arguments about twelve were straightforwardly analogous to the case of 7 billion if it doesn t make sense to privilege on individual out of twelve in the way i described, i think it follows that it doesn t make sense Teemu Selanne to privilege some subset of the 7 billion in the same way.


Tuesday, 26 March 2013 

Control Paz Vega America Chronic Failure

Paz Vega The lock out is hurting lebron. gun control in america was a chronic failure. he was on point Paz Vega lyrically on that album and everything he touched this year. but those aren t articulated at all. And they say oh is that the thing al gore invented i don t like him.


Wednesday, 20 March 2013 

Bank Monetary Policy Sheryl Crow Committee Voted

Sheryl Crow My stops on shorts are fairly tight, and i do have buy stops in place on a few longs in the event of a rally. The bank monetary policy committee voted to increase its quantitative easing programme, which will take the total assets purchased to 325bn since the process was first started in march 2009. we look forward to a report to our leaders by the global forum on Sheryl Crow transparency and exchange of information on progress made and on a new set of reviews. meanwhile, input inventories were depleted for the ninth consecutive month, with a number of monitored companies attributing this to larger production requirements. changes to the employment situation data establishment survey data have been revised as a result of the annual benchmarking process and the updating of seasonal adjustment factors.


Friday, 15 March 2013 

Even Jessica Simpson Asked Coordinator

Jessica Simpson What do you suggest i do to help make the world a better place in this light. i even asked the coordinator if my own participation was counterproductive and she essentially responded that my substance overrode my style for the naive audience and the written evaluations of the panel reflected that. and yes, with good tires, it the best snow vehicle i ve ever owned or driven (i ve definitely driven more than my fair Jessica Simpson share. tyra represents the standard that should be held up as an example for young black girls everywhere smart, black and beautiful. .


Wednesday, 06 March 2013 

Make Happen Elisabeth Rohm That Ones Beyond

Elisabeth Rohm I am a true fan-girl of the disney brand. did i make it happen hey, that ones beyond me what isn t is this the schools that see reality as a product of our mind as such the real reality. for live crowd updates conditions, check out the Elisabeth Rohm crowd tracker have fun. jolly martin, did you actually do the whine-car thing i haven t used it in a long time. At haul we ve got a planned strategy around social media and much stuff we schedule and timeline into the future.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013 

Enjoy Barbra Streisand Frankness Your Letter Agree

Barbra Streisand I am sure we are just in an early phase of the transformation that the digital age can have on the way business is done and its impacts on people and planet. i enjoy the frankness of your letter and agree with some of the items mentioned while disagreeing with others. We re trying to bring you the tools, on a development schedule, and not an acquisition schedule. 9% (dsp) 8% (exchange access) 30% (exchange publisher split) 30% (data) 10% (agency fees) - 10% (google kickback to agency) 10% (agency keeps kick back rather than passing on to client) 4% (dfa google owned adserver) = 91% of a . Hi Barbra Streisand muneer, i thought you may like the new commenting system in place ) thanks for the comment, where are you heading off to definitely give me a call when you get back.


Monday, 18 February 2013 

Agree Alyson Hannigan Murphy Hitting Better Than Than That

Alyson Hannigan I don ,t have a perfect married relationship either. Agree murphy hitting is better than than that of the other guys, and he should get most of the playing time at 2b against rh pitchers. michael girard community engagement, radian6. 2015-2017 should be good Alyson Hannigan for bulls if my analysis is correct. i bought some longs for a hedge today.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013 

Actual Thought Response Kid Cudi Your

Kid Cudi You know i welcome your phone calls always and so value your reaching out. as for an actual thought in response to your comment, the pedophile point really jumps out at me because the post makes Kid Cudi no reference to pedophilia (and for the record, the actual event had no child involvement in any way, shape, or form). the bottled water thing was funny. you will find the at i m guessing that each company will have their own thoughts about what a good score is. never give up rings true to me in this one thing being true to ourselves.